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Our Care

You can be assured that we offer the very highest standards of care at Normanton in accordance with each Resident’s carefully monitored, person-centred care plan.

Our aim is to care for every Resident throughout their lives and through all stages of their health and wellbeing.

We are supported by visiting opticians and chiropodists to help maintain day-to-day good health.

We also work very closely with local GP practices, district nurses and hospital services to ensure that the highest level of medical care is offered to our Residents. Regular medical reviews are carried out to ensure that the care given absolutely matches a Resident’s needs.

Day care is also offered at Normanton seven days a week depending on availability. This can be an excellent way for an individual attending for day care to get to know us. It can then provide an easier transition should residential care be required in the future.

Food and nutrition

At Normanton, we recognize the crucial importance of sustained good nutrition. We are fortunate to have wonderful cooks and all our meals are prepared from fresh ingredients every day.

We cater for all dietary requirements and individual tastes and preferences.

Residents are encouraged to eat in the dining areas of the lounges to make mealtimes a sociable and engaged occasion, but equally can be served in a Resident’s room should that be their preference.

Discrete help and support is offered to any Resident that requires it and we also liaise closely with NHS dietary teams should specialist help be required.

Drinks are available at all times.

Menu - Sample

Porridge, Cereals, Fruit, Toast and Jam

Roast Chicken, Stuffing, New Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots,
Green Beans, Gravy

Apple Pie and Custard

Scrambled Eggs, Bread and Butter

Iced Buns

Cheese and Biscuits

Our Team

The team of carers at Normanton is the solid foundation on which our home is built.

We are fortunate to have many staff who have been with us for many years. Julie, our Head of Home, started working at Normanton in 1989, while Colleen – a Senior Carer – has been with us for 17 years. Colleen’s sister Collette is even longer serving having been here since 1994. Shirley and the other Julie, two of our night staff, have 60 years at Normanton between them.

But every member of our staff is valued, well-trained and dedicated to their Residents. No agency staff have ever been employed at Normanton because we believe that it is vital that staff have a detailed and indepth knowledge of the people that they are caring for. Equally, it is hugely important for the Residents to see the same caring, warm and highly professional staff every day.


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